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Ormeus Global provides the first-ever interactive learning platform focused on high-quality, accredited cryptocurrency education. Through a team of experts worldwide, we have put together the first-ever shared opportunity for learning, wealth creation, empowerment, and community around the exciting world of cryptocurrency.

From an idea born of complex computer algorithms called blockchain technology to wealth that is fueling the growth of business worldwide, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are now a growing part of the world’s fintech opportunity.


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Through a unique series of self-paced, internet-delivered lessons, you will learn:
  • *The Potential of Cryptocurrency
  • *Opportunities in Cryptocurrency
  • *Blockchain Technology, Mining and More
  • *The Digital Currency Ecosystem Worldwide
  • *Exchanges, Coins, and Mining
  • *More


The Consultant and the Vision

Ormeus Global has launched the newest and most exciting series of cryptocurrency resources to date. Build wealth with Ormeus Coin, our unique cryptocurrency.

Our cryptocurrency products make up the most lucrative, exciting, and retailable line of products in the digital world today.

  • Ormeus Master Trader deposits Bitcoin into a secure account that actually mirrors the trades of a top professional Forex Trader. You are in complete control of your account. Deposit as much or as little as fits your budget while our professional trader does the rest. Just sit back, watch, and let the pros do it for you.

  • 2xB89, our proprietary “bot trader”, employs sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies and offers up to a 160% return in a completely automated, hands off environment. Set it and forget it!


Update of Ormeus Global Future


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Ormeus Coin Mining Facility

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Ormeus Corporate Office

We’ll be adding new and exciting courses and learning programs to enhance all areas of your life. From personal development to self-growth, hobbies to vocations, look for more from Ormeus Global, the first-ever learning platform with earning potential.

  • *New courses to create the lifestyle you deserve to enjoy.
  • *Products to support energetic wellness.
  • *Expert cryptocurrency tools and resources to help you build personal wealth.


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