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We Offer You Access to our Top-Notch Cryptocurrency Research Department PLUS Training, Coaching and a Complete Step by Simple Step Wealth-Building Plan

Our simple & powerful program is designed so that 95% of all purchases made are paid out to the Community to reward those who put in the time and effort to build the CFR Community.

If you're new to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and this whole new arena, CryptoFundRaiser is a safe-haven:

✔✔ Honest owners/admins with proven track records and who have been around for years.

✔✔ Awesome Leaders who have hearts and minds to serve you, our Community. You're never on your own at CFR.

✔✔ Outstanding, experienced programmers & tech support to keep our ship running smoothly.

✔✔ Exact instructions how to buy and sell cryptocurrency. No more wondering and worrying what to do.

✔✔ Best resources which are continuously being updated. If it's cryptocurrency related we have it or we'll find it.

✔✔ Via our online Member groups, live trainings and meetings, videos and text guides we help everyone from beginner to experienced crypto enthusiast navigate this exciting field on a daily basis.

✔✔ Everything related to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Training, research, trading, investing and much more under one roof.
CFR Exclusive Products/Programs/Services:

Real-Time Trading Alerts! We hand-pick cryptocurrencies that are potentially about to break-out and go up in price. We send you an email with exact instructions to follow plus follow-up email instructions as well. There may only be one or two alerts per week (or even less, sometimes more) but each one we pick we are looking for substantial short to long term gains from just one day hold-time to possibly weeks or months depending on our technical and fundamental analysis and general cryptocurrency market conditions.

HODL Alerts! Want to know which crypto coins have the best chance of increasing 500% to 10,000% over time? We do extensive research to find VERY LOW COST coins with the greatest upside potential! (HODL is cryptocurrency slang for Buy and Hold.)

ICO Intercepts! Finding the best ICO's but buying them cheaper POST-ICO.

Live and Recorded Training & Coaching Programs Chart reading, trading set-ups, buying/selling, everything you need to cash in big on cryptocurrency.

PRIVATE & Exclusive Facebook Groups where the CFR Community gathers to share knowledge, tips and networking.

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