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 What is X12? 
 X12 is a modern crypto-currency with the main advantage of protecting the privacy of its users. Transactions with X12 are not traceable unlike Bitcoin or most other crypto-currencies.

 Who created X12?
 X12 was created by the X12 project group which is a group of programmers, independent financing experts and cryptography specialists. The X12 project group stands behind its ideals: Protecting privacy, fighting surveillance and usage of state-of-the-art technology.

 How does X12 get its value? 
 X12 has a value because people are willing to buy the currency. If nobody would buy X12 it wouldn’t have any value. The price of X12 increases when demand exceeds supply and it decreases when supply exceeds demand.

Why is X12 so different to other crypto-currencies? 
 X12 distinguishes itself highly to other crypto-currencies like BitCoin or Etherium. Most people think that payments and transactions with BitCoin are made anonymously. But that is not the case. Quite the opposite is what is happening: Every transaction can be traced exactly. You can use Bitcoin anonymously only if nobody knows who the account belongs to. By using X12 and its ultramodern technologies you can be assured that every transaction is completely anonymously. Nobody can trace who sends and receives coins. This enhances independence, protection from surveillance & suppression and offers people more freedom.

 How do I obtain X12? 
 You can purchase X12 on many different crypto-currency-markets online. You could even buy it from another person and get coins sent to your personal wallet. To be on the safe side we recommend buying X12 from safe sources. 

 Can I make money with X12? 
 The X12 group acts independently and are not giving any investment advice. We are nevertheless fully convinced of X12. The X12 generated a lot of demand and found the approval of our customers through its ultramodern technology. Because of our independence though, we do not recommend any particular markets or advice to any particular acts of trading.

 How do I get a wallet? 
 You can download a wallet on this homepage. We continuously develop our wallet to ensure you’re using the newest and best technology. That’s why you should download your wallet only on our page and not on external sites. You can find the download here and an instruction here. 

 How can I find my wallet address? 
 You will receive your wallet address as soon as you download the wallet. You can find it in the wallet by clicking on “Receive” on the left menu. Your wallet address will be displayed at the top of the wallet. You can freely share this address with others as people can only send you money with this information. 

 Where are my wallet-files saved in case I decide or incidentally close the wallet?
Your wallet-files are usually saved on C:\Users\YourName\Documents\X12\wallets. Nobody can use this file without your password.

 X12 is based on the technology of Monero and CryptoNote but better, i dont expect everyone to understand all this but its really good info and gives an understanding of the potential of X12, 

 Monero Technology Monero [XMR] :is a brand new uprising cryptocurrency which originates from Bitmonero. Being the fork of Bytecoin, Monero (XMR) is an anonymous and decentralized cryptocurrency with CryptoNight (64-bit CPU-only) PoW hash algorithm and based on CryptoNote protocol. Monero uses a different elliptic curve than Bitcoin for signing (EdDSA, which uses Schnorr signatures on a Twisted Edwards curve, One time use addresses (“stealth addressing”) is mandatory for all transactions. This makes light clients very difficult to secure or create in general, but it dramatically enhances privacy because it’s impossible to ever reuse an address. All transactions are denominated in base 10, and fractionated by mantissa, Unlike Bitcoin, Monero will have long term perpetual inflation. Subsidy will become fixed in about 10 years time at a flat rate of less than 1%, to keep the chain from becoming fully deflationary and to better incentivize miners. This makes it more likely to be useful as a currency than Bitcoin, 

 X12 Coin all the above and more, 

 X12 is more than just a technology. For us it is above all important for what this technology stands for. The main basic principles are as follows: safety People must be able to trust X12 with their transactions without being exposed to the risk of a hacker attack or error. In the X12 network, a miner gets all the stolen coins. 

Miners are the most important participants in this ecosystem. That's why no coins are automatically sent to the developers. The transactions are encrypted with the latest and most modern encryption technology. 

X12 takes privacy very seriously and protects its users from monitoring and unfair punishment. X12 is active worldwide and thus an important pillar for the freedom of the individual before monitoring. This level of privacy is available to all users alike. Both for programmers and for people who do not know how X12 works. It is important to us that 
X12 is not only a tool for software developers, but also benefits the broad masses. 

X12 is not controlled by a central instance, thus ensuring maximum decentralization. If you use X12, you do not have to trust a central place. They know that the network is managed with this technology itself. The so-called "proof of work" algorithm ensures this. Many miners work together to ensure that the network remains secure. You can even mute on normal computers and laptops X12 to contribute to this decentralization and get coins for it.