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Vision, mission and values VISION

To be the world’s leading Crypto-currency company meeting the highest standards of integrity & excellence while applying a sound & astute business acumen.


Our mission is to touch a billion hearts by enabling them to fulfill their life goals.

  • Trust: Living up to the trust & time given to us by all our Stakeholders.

  • Teamwork: Working together towards common objectives & shared success.

  • Innovation: Moving forward in new areas of technological & business innovation with self confidence & passion.

  • Integrity: Measuring success not just in terms of financial gains but also in terms of the respect, goodwill & credibility we build.


Obtanix Overview Presentation


Our approach


    Through Obtanix’ thorough & exhaustive research methodology, we identify from over 700 Crypto-currencies, ones that are poised to gain & grow at a much faster pace than other competing currencies. Given the relative newness of the market, we are identifying with hawkish accuracy Crypto-currencies with strong fundamentals that demonstrate a penchant to succeed.


    Our investments are focused on building exchange reserves of Crypto-currencies & also adding resources to our trading volumes. Obtanix is also committed to building an ecosystem around Crypto-currencies that have a positive outlook.


    Simply put, the investments Obtanix makes grow and multiply because of the rational decision making applied by our hardworking team that peruses vast amounts of data prior to making any decision.


Our highly motivated & talented team is working hard & with passion everyday to ensure the success of all our stakeholders by building a business model that is complete, cohesive & complementary.

Xenos: Addressing the heart of the problem

Decentralized & transferable directly from person-to-person via the net, Xenos, which is backed by Gold has a real value, which is time-tested & is not benchmarked against US dollar. The preciousness & stability of gold is indisputable, making it a sound investment vehicle for any investor. Just like Fiat Currencies of the older monetary system were backed by Gold, the units offered by Xenos too are guaranteed by gold. Each unit of Xen is backed by 1 gram of 99.99% purity gold.

Our strategy

The success of any currency is determined by its acceptance. Acceptance by users & the power to spend it with merchants. For our currency to be used, spent, exchanged & traded, we have executed the following strategy:
  1. Pre-mining of fixed number of units with a real user-base subscribing to the Crypto-currency before it goes live.
  2. Building gold reserves to empower the currency.
  3. Building a strong user community holding Xenos units to start transacting on day 1 of the launch.
  4. Worldwide merchant contracting.
  5. Developing POS & hardware to enable merchants to accept Xenos.
  6. Developing multisig wallets & Apps.
  7. Deploying a strong blockchain & infrastructure.


Xenos: Key differentiators

Each unit of Xen offered by Xenos is backed by 1 gram of 99.99% purity gold, which by itself puts our Crypto-currency in a league of its own. Other key differentiators of Xenos include:


Xenos is built on stable platform of Ethereum which empowers different Crypto-currencies because of its EVM that executes peer-to-peer contracts.


Xenos is decentralized & nobody owns it or the platform running on the network. Proven technology guards the blockchain against hacks & thefts.


With our vaults in three countries, Xens can be liquidized & exchanged with physical gold with the same level of security at anytime.


Xenos enables a first of a kind interchangeable Smart Contract deployment to switch between physical bullion & tokens in the EIP20 standard.


An established & independent auditor since 1905 conducts quarterly audits of every single gold asset in our safe vaults.


Gold is permanent & therefore Xenos tokens protect from the inherent volatility of Crypto-currencies.

Real gold bullion: Not an ETF or a Digital Gold Certificate

All gold in our network of vaults meet the following criteria:

  • LBMA or COMEX approved gold bars .999 (24 karat) or better.
  • 100% fully-reserved and unencumbered. These are your property rights under bailment law.
  • Audited under a 3402 audit.

Redeem coins & bars through Xenos physical

Your Xenos units may be redeemed as physical coins or bars of gold through Xenos Physical. There are no extra fees associated with this & we ship globally or can arrange for a vault pickup for larger bars.



In the business of Direct Selling, TIMING IS EVERYTHING, and we are delighted at this opportunity to invite you to engage with us at the right time. So, be one of the early adopters to get on the bandwagon and do spread the word, because before you know it, Obtanix is going to be a house hold name!

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