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Questra Holdings Review - Briefing with Manager

Innovative provider

of asset management

AGAM provides global investment solutions for 
private and corporate clients


Growing in ambition and impact

AGAM uses effective risk management by using data analysis and modeling for

 quantitative investments, choosing undervalued stocks in the marketplace at the time of


purchase that have potential for near-term appreciation

Trust management

We utilize our global footprint to deliver a full range of issuer and related investor services across a wide array of program types

Asset management

Our investment professionals are located around the world, providing strategies that span the full spectrum of asset classes

Investment fund management

We combine the scale of a full-service investment management with the focused expertise of autonomous investment direction

Alternative investments

Spanning the full range of strategies including hedge funds, private equity and debt, global real assets and alternative investment trends


Private wealth management

Because everyone is unique, we have developed wide range of investment portfolios so you can customize your strategy on personal set of goals and concerns.

Fixed income investment

AGAM provides investors strategies with asset management focus on capital preservation, income generation and diversification. Using modern payment solutions we have achieved weekly paymens on investment portfolio income.

You’re in control every step of the way

AGAM’s online asset management system makes investing easier. You’ll have a completely transparent view of every aspect of your account, instant transfers and withdrawals – online, anytime.



Innovation is becoming a competitive necessity even for such conservative market like Asset Management. In AGAM we have proved that implementing new technologies and strategy can achieve material cost benefits through a reduction in data manipulation, the decommissioning of legacy infrastructure and lower frictional costs of investment. Ultimately, our investors become the greatest beneficiaries.


The new technologies

Higher revenue from greater assets, while experiencing greater profitability by decreasing operational costs bringing a radical shift in the way we think about financial assets management and the way the financial industry will operate in the future. In the end, the real winners are the clients who benefit from lower fees, greater value, and better returns. With Atlantic G.A.M that has already begun to happen


Our Strategy

  • Buying highly liquid shares of the fastest growing companies worldwide, state and municipal bonds, debt securities and options contracts
  • Focus on the further development directions

    * Preparing companies  for IPO
    * Factoring
    * Refinancing

  • Partnership with major marketing brokers
  • Improving customer service due to advanced IT technologies
  • Effective credit risk management using complex modeling data analysis

Solutions that meet the objectives of our clients

We developed investment instruments that can be customized across different asset classes for wide range of our client objectives

Investment insurance
– deposit protection for guaranteed yield

Portfolio upgrade
– upgrade your investment portfolio at any time

Earn more
– distribute your portfolio among managers in order to maximize profitability

Easy deposit and withdrawal of funds all over the world
– support of popular payment systems for Visa and MasterCard
– direct SWIFT payments
– Bitcoin



24/7 online cabinet

  • Manage your account from anywhere in the world without queues
  • Instant transfers within the system
  • Stable work in each browser
  • Mobile version for iPhone and Android
  • Cryptographic encryption and protection against spyware attacks


Becoming the investor

  1. 1. Register on the website by entering your phone number and password from SMS
  2. 2. Confirm your identity via the document verification 
  3. 3. Select one of the investment portfolios
  4. 4. Select the payment method convenient for you and buy the investor’s portfolio


Full Presentation of Questra Holding

The company “Questra World” offers its clients to become an official employee of the company and get more profits and remunerations.

There has been created a special affiliate program for the clients of our company, who wish to get more profit and rewards. It is unique and superior in comparison with other affiliate programs due to the number of the advantages:

A profit from every partner

The 11-level affiliate program allows getting fixed income from every agent in your structure regardless of the depth of the line where he is.

Expensive presents on every level

Mooving up the career ladder is awarded by extra bonuses at every level.

An interest-free loan to buy an apartment

The company provides its clients with interest-free credit for purchasing housing or a car.


Career Progress

Bonus program consists of 11 levels or career stages, rising them up you will get not only new position but also extra valuable bonuses which increase your average monthly income.

The 1st Level – newcomer, the agent receives when having become the client of the company and concluded with it a formal partnership agreement. In order to move to the 2nd level, you need by yourself or together with your structure to make sales regardless of the time of 3000 euro. To move to the 3rd level - 25 000 euro, and so on up to the 11th level.

Starting with the sales volume of 25,000 euro, the Agents of the holding begin to receive additional cash bonuses. Bonus program is not attached to the level and is totally dependent on the sales volume of the agent and his structure. After achieving the sales volume of 25 000 euro, the agent both personally and together with his structure gets monetary remuneration of 1000 QP. With the sales volume of 50 000 euro - bonus 2000 QP, 100 000 euro - bonus 5000 QP, and so on up to a volume of 100 000 000 euro with the monatery bonus 1 000 000 QP.

Having achieved the 11th level “Super director” and received a single time bonus of 1 000 000 QP, Super director starts to receive additional bonus in the amount of 250 000 QP for each new “Super director” of the 11th level in his structure to the deep of the 5th line. The more directors you train to Super director title, the more bonuses you receive.

If you are on the second level Bronze agent with a volume of 24 000 euro and your partner sold two investors portfolios "Black" in the amount of 43,740 euro, you will still be credited with 50% of the required volume of 25 000 QP or 12 500 QP. You will move on the 3rd level of the career ladder and get the title - Silver agent and a bonus 1 000 QP.

To get a bonus 2 000 QP under the sales volume 50 000 euro the following conditions shall be met:

  • The total sales volume shall be equal or exceed the amount of 50 000 euro.
  • One agent can not be credited with more than 50% of the necessary sales volume or 25 000 euro.

In this case, your total sales volume will amount 67 740 euro and you will move to the next level Golden agent, but the conditions of the bonus will not be completed as from the agent who sold two black portfolios "Black" in the amount of 43,740 euro, it will be credited 25,000 QP. Thus to receive the bonus the considered sales volume will be 49 000 euro. To receive the bonus 2 000 QP you are missing 1000 euro. This 1000 euro can be taken into account from your new sales or the sales of the other agents.


Agents Profit

The percentage of the agent`s profitability depends on the volume of sales and your agency level. Suppose, after working for 3-4 months, you have become a Golden agent of the 4th level with a percentage of agent`s profitability of 10.5%. You sold your client an investor`s portfolio "Red" valued 7290 euro. According to your 4th level, and your rate of return of 10.5%, your earned income will be 765 QP. The higher your sales volume is and the higher your level is, the more you earn.

Agent`s Profit from his Recruits

Let`s take an example how much you will earn from your structure on the 2nd level - Bronze agent. Suppose, after working for a month as a Bronze agent of the 2nd level, you and your structure that consists of seven newcomers of the 1st level made sales of 16,350 euro. You personally made sales of 7620 euro, from which you`ve earned 533 QP.

In your structure, four newcomers worked actively as well and together made sales of 8730 euro and the other three have not managed yet, and their volume is 0 QP. Let`s calculate your income from the sales made by your structure of 8730 euro by deducting from this amount, the difference between the percentage of profitability of the 2nd and 1st levels equal to 2%. The income from the work of the newcomers amounted to 175 QP.

Now add up all the resulting income of you and your structure. As a result, in one month of the Bronze Agent Level 2 your profit will be up to 708 QP.


Suppose, after working for a month as a Golden agent of the 4nd level, you and your structure that consists of two silver, one bronze and one agent beginner made sales of 94 000 euro. Your personal volume amounted to 9000 euro, from which you`ve earned 945 QP.

A) Now let`s calculate the income from two silver agents of the 3rd level. Your Silver agents made sales of 70 000 euro. Let`s deduct from 70 000 euro the difference between the percentage of profitability of the 4th and 3rd level equal to 1.5%. The income from the work of the Silver agents amounted to 1 050 QP.

B) Let`s calculate the income from the bronze agent of the 2nd level. Your Bronze agent made sales of 12 000 euro. Let`s deduct from 12 000 euro the difference between the percentage of profitability of the 4th and 2nd levels equal to 3.5%. The income from the work of the Bronze agent amounted to 420 QP.

C) Let`s calculate the income from the newcomer of the 1st level. The newcomer made sales of 3 000 euro. Let`s deduct from 3 000 euro the difference between the percentage of profitability of the 4th and 1st levels equal to 5.5%. The income from the work of the newcomer amounted to 165 QP.

D) Now sum up all the profit you and your structure got. Eventually your profit for one month of work as a Golden agent of the 4th level is 2 580 QP.


The Uniqueness of the Affiliate Program

The uniqueness of the 11-level affiliate program Questra World is that you can earn with every single agent in your structure, regardless of the depth of the line in which he is located.

For instance, for each Green investor's portfolio that costs 810 euro, regardless of your level of agency and completely with each of your lines in depth, no matter whether it is the 9th , 20th or 50th , you will always be credited with 27 points, which depending on your rate of return will bring you from 4 to 81 QP. But that's not all, each sale in the depths of the structure gives you the scores, lifting you up the career ladder higher and higher, allowing you to earn more and more.


Becoming the investor

  1. 1. Register on the website by entering your phone number and password from SMS
  2. 2. Confirm your identity via the document verification 
  3. 3. Select one of the investment portfolios
  4. 4. Select the payment method convenient for you and buy the investor’s portfolio