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When creating wealth, you want to have each account designated for one of these categories! 

1. Necessity Account (used for bills and daily life)
2. Long Term For Spending Account: (Used for Cars, Trucks, Shoes, Toys)
3. Education Account: ( Used to further advance your skills/ knowledge)

4. Play Account: (Used to splurge once a month on anything you want Spa, make over, etc..)

5. Travel Account: (Used to Travel anywhere in the world)
6. Giving Account: (Used to help Family, Friends, and Strangers with No Stipulations)

7. Tax Account: (Used to pay for Personal and Business Taxes)
8. Retirement Account: (Used to Invest in Business Dealings, Annuities, Realestate, and Franshises)
Be sure to labal each account and don't use money from one account unless you give the other account a loan!

Your Dreams are waiting on you! 

 Daily %
Weekly %
 Monthly %
 Days of
Week Paying
average 1
 Every Wednesday
 Pay Diamond
  50 weeks
 75 weeks
 75 weeks
   1 year
   1-5 years
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Step #1 )

10 x bitcoin is the program to start everything off with! You can get started with no pressure as a free member and move forward as fast or slow as you like. The more you put in the more you will get out. 10xbitcoin will also help you with other programs as well!


Step #2 (LikesXL)

Register and Purchase a $10 euro pack in LikesXL. Likesxl is a Bidding site, Online Casino, Mining, and Advertising site that pays you to watch real businesses videos. This one is a chance in a lifetime!

Watch the Likesxl Video Below!


Step#3 (XPro)

It's not many opportunities that come that will be extremely big! XPro is one that will be big. The idea is to get in early or as soon as you can and start purchasing mining contracts. Purchasing when you can gives you the ability to hold and wait for the price to get to a higher price.


Step #4 (USI-TECH)

 USI-TECH trades in the FOREX market and the CryptoCurrency market as well. You want to start purchasing bitcoin packages as often as possible to build your account to your desired amount. USI gives you the ability to earn from the percentage and the increase price in Bitcoin. One of the best kept secrets of leveraging money!

Watch the USI-TECH Video Below!


Step#5 (Pay Diamond)

Pay Diamond is another great, solid income stream to be involved in. PD gives you the opportunity participate in the diamonds industry with starting with $200. You can choose to keep some diamonds and or let the company sell them or you keep them and sell them yourself. Either way you choose it's a win, win!


Step#6 (Obtanix)

Obtanix is in the business of trading, mining, and gold backing! Obtanix vision is to be the world’s leading Crypto-currency company meeting the highest standards of integrity & excellence while applying a sound & astute business acumen. Obtanix is definitely a long term play that is why it holds the #5 spot.


Step#7 (Ormeous)

Ormeous is positioned to be a Billion dollar company! They have fine tune their craft to make a wonderful system of trading. We can make great money here for the long term and create wealth fast by compounding!


Step#8 (Questra Holding)

Questra is here for the big money holder! The idea whith Questra being last is to put big money here to keep earning building you a nice Golden Goose! If you put small amounts here, we will loose in paying more fees. So it is best to earn from the programs above and transfer big earnings here for safety and growth!

Watch Questra Holding Video Below!


Step #9 (Purium)


Everybody eats…every day. Over time what you put in your body will determine how you look, feel and perform.  ALL Purium products are 100% NON-GMO and we believe that Purium is the only Network Marketing Company that can make this claim.