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EXXA Digital Platform


The EXXA Digital Platform is your simple and secure gateway into the world of crypto. EXXA is an ecosystem of modules designed to make life with crypto an in-app affair.

Fully Distributed Anonymity and Transparency
Integrated Service and Convenience



User Benefits

EXXA is created with the goal of helping people achieve financial freedom and independence by leveraging the game-changing potential of cryptocurrencies.


3 Unique Features & Functions


DEVO+ is our AI trading bot which trades cryptocurrencies on your behalf, unaffected by bias and emotion. Using market indicators and complex trading algorithms, DEVO+ is programmed to trade conservatively and provides a fuss-free way to receive EXXA rewards daily.

EXXA Digital Academy

Your springboard for diving into everything crypto. Whether you’re an individual, trader or investor — EXXA Digital Academy helps you learn, grow and gain an edge in our increasingly digital world. Get to grips with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and put that knowledge into practice right away.

EXXA Travel

Travel the world with crypto using EXXA Travel. Our in-app travel and lifestyle module offers competitive savings on a wide range of destinations and experiences. Enjoy exclusive rates lower than online travel agencies thanks to our direct connections with suppliers. Use the EXXA Tokens you earn to go on a wine adventure at Burgundy, a safari tour in Botswana or even a cruise in the Bahamas.


Be Our Partner!

Connect with our EXXA Network and be a part of our community of cryptocurrency users. Store your existing crypto assets and start earning with Devo+ as soon as you join. Get immediate access to our academy where you can learn as you earn, all while enjoying exclusive travel perks and discounts with our partners.



It Works

Step 1. Download the EXXA Network App from IOS or Google Play Store!
Step 2. Create Account using Referral Code: 16975604
Step 3. Fund your Vault Wallet
Step 4. Click Project, then click DEVO+, Participate, and Add!
Step 5. Wait up to 48-72 hrs to see the Daily EXXA Airdrop!