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The Goldmoney® Holding – Precious Metal Accounts and Wealth Protection since 2001

Our mission is to make physical gold and precious metals accessible to everyone. We designed the Goldmoney Holding to provide our clients with the lowest possible prices for dealing and storage while delivering the highest level of security and transparency.

A Goldmoney Holding is an online structure that allows you to securely purchase in precious metals owned in your name at insured vaults across five countries.

A Goldmoney Holding is a custodial account with allocated, segregated, and physically redeemable bullion belonging to its owner. It’s more secure than traditional accounts at a bank or investment firm, and has lower risks and costs than owning precious metals ETFs.

When it comes to physical precious metals, no other service offers more features and utility than the Goldmoney Holding.


The Goldmoney Story


Why Gold Is Money

Gold and other precious metals have always been synonymous with wealth and economic security. So why do people everywhere seek the safety and stability of these natural precious elements, especially in times of uncertainty?

Here are the important facts:

  • *Gold has been valuable throughout known history and retains its purchasing power for life’s necessities over long periods of time.

  • *No other form of money or currency has outlasted precious metals as a store of value over time.


Wealth preservation and financial security is about seeking assets that retain their purchasing power over time. Purchasing power represents the amount of goods and services you can buy with your money. You should aim to preserve your purchasing power to ensure that the money you are working hard to earn today is still valuable in the future when you want to spend it. The key to preserving your purchasing power is twofold:

  • *You should hold money that retains its value over long periods of time.

  • *You should hold money that appreciates relative to most, if not all, other forms of national currency in both the short and medium term.

Historically, buying gold and silver has been an excellent way to preserve purchasing power over long periods of time. Whether you compare these metals to a barrel of oil, the price of a house, or even a meal at a restaurant, it seems that whenever we study the prices of basic human necessities (energy, food, and shelter), we see that it takes a similar amount of gold or silver to buy these items as it did in the past. The further we go in history, the more obvious this trend becomes.