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**Key Facts**

Berlin Group - providing and organising the finance for projects
- Exxodus Foundation is in charge for leading the “Clean up Oceans action”
- John Foley - involved in Gold Coast SeaPort. Chairman of Board
- How are funds protected against Crypto Volatility? Funds are protected by a Hedge fund
- Funding Target - approximately 25 million
- Bot Investment Project was launched 22nd of July

The Recyclebot is backed by a multi-million $ Australian company and all of the deposits are hedged every day to ensure longevity of the business. 

The company is involved in many projects and one of the significant ones is producing low cost housing.

- They can build a house in 6 - 12 days using recycled materials
- They aim to build a house at half the cost of an existing house.
- They aim to build 70,000 houses per annum.

Where do the Funds go?

- The funds go to a variety of projects.

- Cleaning the ocean of plastic and producing low cost housing using recycled materials are the main ones. 

- They can build a house in 6 - 12 days using recycled materials
- They aim to build a house at half the cost of an existing house.
- They aim to build 70,000 houses per annum.

- Their recycling plants will employ local people in the areas surrounding each recycling plant

How can the Bot sustain 2.8% return daily, which equates to a 34% monthly profit?

- Funds are supported by 4 other highly profitable parts of the company. eg. selling coffee. This alone apparently can fund the project for the next 5 years.

Progress :

1) BTC Bot has been running for 4 weeks,

2) Ethereum and Litecoin Bots will be added in to the BTC bot within the week (only 1 bot needed)!! 
3) Terms and conditions being prepared by lawyers
4) Website is 99% Done! 
5) Australian Finances Services License (Citi Gold Corp)


Instructions for Setting Up The Recyclebot

Step 1: Download Telegram App (If you have the App move to Step 2)

Android  -
iOS        -
PC         -
Mac       -


Step 2: Register for the Bot of your choice:-

There are 3 different bots which cover 9 different Altcoins.

The best option is to register for all 3 for now even if you are not going to use it straight away because you have 30 days to fund before the account will be deleted. 

"Past performance does not guarantee future results. Results shown are through personal strategies and investments."


Bot 1


Bot 2


Bot 3


Referral Bonus-
1. Level 1 10%
2. Level 2 3%
3. Level 3 1% 


Step 3: How To Set Up The Bots

a. Log in to Telegram
b. Click the registration link above 
c. Type /start 

d. Choose your language
e. Click on my wallet then deposit

f. Send funds to the wallet provided by copying the address (you must request a new one every time)

g. Once funds clear click the balance button to see your total balance

In order to check on your balances you must make sure you are on the main screen and then click on the balance button

You will then be presented with a list of your balances for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin depending on which one you deposited.

My Balance

Account Status

Total Transactions : 0.10000000 BTC
Total Recycle : 0.00000000 BTC
Expired Transactions : 0.00000000 BTC
Total Growths : 0.00000000 BTC
Total Referral Bonuses : 0.0.00000000 BTC
Total Bonus Gift : 0.00000000 BTC
Your Account Balance : 0.00000000 BTC


Total Transactions : 20.00000000 LTC
Total Recycle : 0.00000000 LTC
Expired Transactions : 0.00000000 LTC
Total Growths : 0.00000000 LTC
Total Referral Bonuses : 0.00000000 LTC
Total Bonus Gift : 0.00000000 LTC
Your Account Balance : 0.00000000 LTC

Ethereum Coins

Total Transactions : 0.24000000 ETH
Total Recycle : 0.38311686 ETH
Expired Transactions : 0.00000000 ETH
Total Growths : 0.04111050 ETH
Total Referral Bonuses : 0.37326766 ETH
Total Bonus Gift : 0.00000000 ETH
Your Account Balance : 0.00000000 ETH


You can then recycle every time you have enough in your available balance.   See below for the minimum amounts you can recyle.
Minimum Recycle for BTC : 0.002 BTC
Minimum Recycle for LTC  : 0.2     LTC
Minimum Recycle for ETH : 0.03   ETH
Minimum Recycle for BCH : 0.03   BCH  
Minimum Recycle for ETC : 0.1     ETC
Minimum Recycle for DASH : 0.1  DASH
Minimum Recycle for ETH : 0.03   ETH
Minimum Recycle for ETH : 0.03   ETH
Minimum Recycle for ETH : 0.03   ETH 

h. Click the balance button then the recyle button for the altcoin you want to recycle. 

i. If you have a balance then Click one of the options above e.g. Recycle BTC. 

Then enter the amount which is above the minimum and then click the blue arrow

j. You will then receive a message like the one below: 
Recycle Successful

Step 5. To Check Your Deposits/Recycle Status

a. Click on My Balance
b. Click My Transactions

You will be presented with a list like below

Note: your list will look differently as the figures above.  Remember that 60 days after your deposit or recyle the amount will expire. 

Step 6: To Make A Withdrawal

a. To set the wallet address you want to withdraw to you need to follow the information below:

b. Click on the wallet type you want to setup e.g. BTC, ETH or LTC

c. Now you can request your withdrawal once its above the minimum withdrawal amount of 0.002  (you must type it like the amount I have written)   

Few seconds later you will get message saying "withdrawal Request Submit Successful" and you should check your wallet for funds to arrive.   Larger requests need to be manually approved so may take a while longer than smaller amounts. 

Few seconds later you will get message saying "withdrawal Request Submit Successful"


Step 7: Invite Others To Recyclebot

You must have an active balance in each of the bots to be able to recycle or withdraw referral commissions. 

From the main Telegram Menu click on the "Referral Button"
You will then receive information about the referral program. 

Copy the link which is in the format like below:-[YOURIDNUMBER]

Send this link you people you want to share this opportunity with and a link to this website so they know how to gets started. 

Step 8:  Register With The Support Group

Once you have funded your account you can keep up to date with the company by joining the International Support Group on Telegram by clicking the link below.

a). Telegram Chat Group to share with others;

b). Recyclebot OFFICAL News Channel