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Interview with Richard Watford

Richard Watford is Watford LLC company’s founder. He finally managed to succeed despite having to overcome many difficulties and obstacles. He has created a company, and intends it to help other people avoid the mistakes that he previously suffered from.

Once, he lost all he had in 2008. But he didn’t give up, because he always knew that the darkest hour is before the dawn. He made the right conclusions and gained some unique experience, which enabled him to launch his own “People to Company” business model that eliminates fraud, and prevents financial losses for his investors, once he realised the reasons for his mistakes. He created the intermediary, contractor and third party free interaction system, leaving just two main links in the work chain - the client and the company.

He was incredibly happy and surprised with his new business model’s positive effect on the companies he managed within his work, when he started to test it in 2015. Richard Watford’s work helped him to manage to achieve an honest, open and trusting partnership, which is hard to find nowadays.

He managed to achieve record results, increased the financial growth rate and brought the company to a new development stage. He managed to do what he always wanted - to provide people with a chance to believe in both him and his business, due to the well-developed strategy behind his business model.

 Therefore, joining our team means adopting all of the experience, without any of the negative consequences, and to achieve something, which previously seemed impossible.



Watford LLC provides people with the chance to become part of a new future. A future, in which interaction, trust and honesty-based partnerships will become the business basis without any intermediaries, contractors and third parties. Just two main participants will remain — the client and the company.

That’s why Watford LLC has created its own “People to Company” business model, allowing the protection of both customers and company from unscrupulous intermediaries and brokers, and thereby providing a legal guarantee of safety and reliability.

Due to this approach, the P-to-C concept allows us to reduce the costs, as well as build trusting partnerships with each of our customers, since the current chain implies just two links, so that we interact with each other without any intermediaries.

Each party can be sure of their own interests, security and safety of funds due to having all of the required documents and licenses, as well as a formal agreement between the company and the client.



Watford LLC is a dynamically developing company. Both competent control and effective management have contributed to the company’s fast increase in growth rate.

Watford LLC’s corporate governance system is aimed at protecting shareholders’ rights, successful and sustainable company development and effective and responsible company decisions. The company strives to constantly improve the efficiency pf business processes as well as the organizational ones.

The company strives to adhere to high standards in both the production and social fields. The policy of social orientation is one of the keys to sustainable development, contributing to being a reliable and responsible employer, and strengthening the reputation with its partners.

Digital transformation, being one of the strategic initiatives and affecting all functional and business sections, as well as helping to change business processes, plays a key role in the company’s development.

New technologies emerge every day. Therefore, Watford LLC has created certain mechanisms to ensure their applicability as quickly as possible in order to implement them in the business tasks. Watford LLC actively monitors the best practices and adapts them for its own needs. It uses organized multilateral cooperation, with technology partners and start-ups, to resolve pressing business issues through the use of advanced digital technologies.



Almost everyone has ever dealt with, or at least heard of, various joint-stock companies. However, sometimes the cooperation practice with them may turn to be unsuccessful. Of course, successful and reliable company’s shares purchase and earning with it is a perspective and profitable business. However, rather often the story is silent about the amount of people, who did not earn their money due to unscrupulous brokers, providing dubious companies’ shares. They earn a lot of money from trades but fail to provide their shareholders with such an opportunity.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning the unstable financial situation on the international stockmarket often negatively affects various stocks prices, while global financial crises completely bring down the entire existing system, which results in suffers and losses for lots of people.

Richard Watford was one of those people. He lost all his money by investing in real estate stocks in 2008, at the moment,when the whole world was seized by a severe financial crisis. But this did not break him. Moreover, he realized that the current system is not perfect. Therefore, he decided to build his own People to Company (P-to-C) business model, which would protect the ordinary people’s interests.

The first testing of his business model started in 2015, which showed positive dynamics. The companies he controlled at that time achieved record results a bit later. The financial growth rate increased significantly as well. The business management was actively gaining momentum at that time.

Watford LLC Today

Today, Watford LLC is a holding company which consists of completely different targeted companies. It both controls and is the parent company for such corporations as «Goldminebmd» gold mining company, «Nmwenergy» alternative energy producer and distributor as well as «EDV-Recycling» waste recycling and collection company, and finally «Marijuana-diet» pharmaceutical and cosmetology product development and sales company, which products are based on cannabis.

It’s worth noting, the business industries coverage range at Watford is quite extensive and diverse, and each of these companies, controlled by Richard Watford and his team, went through a new development stage and received a new promotion vector.

All Watford LLC subsidiaries have become leading players in their industry due to the current developed business model, as well as competent management and sustainable development. The controlling share in each of these companies belongs to Watford LLC. So, it sets the most effective rate for each corporation being controlled.

Watford LLC has become one of the most successful joint-stock companies, able to ensure the investors’ reliability and safety and create a favorable atmosphere for investments and protect the investors’ and shareholders’ funds by carefully monitoring each company’s statistics, analyzing their financial flows and monitoring all products and production process.

It’s a commonly known fact that success is the right decisions result. The right decisions are the experience result. And experience is the wrong decisions result. The life is structured such a way. Richard Watford, the company’s founder, was exactly the person who gained all his experience in trial and error result. But checking the wrong decisions is the success part, therefore, it’s impossible to throw it away and get what you want instantly. That’s why our commercial organizations structure has got one of the extremely important benefits - invaluable experience and we are ready to share it with everyone.

Watford LLC company’s business model was created and developed by Richard Watford. He fully realized how vulnerable and unstable is the current public joint-stock companies system, when he lost all his money due to the global financial crisis in 2008. That is why he decided to act. So, he launched his own business model concept called «People to Company» (P-to-C) in 2015.

The current concept almost instantly showed its positive affect and gave a powerful impetus and huge financial growth to those companies, currently controlled by Richard Watford.

P-to-C relationship system allows interaction intermediaries-free way since it is focused on building direct, personalized business relationships. The intermediaries’ elimination makes it possible to establish competitive prices, which naturally results in the trade margin increase.

The current business model idea is that all the interaction between the company and the customer processes directly without brokers, intermediaries or third-party organizations. 

Our future partners conduct all the negotiations and affairs with Watford LLC representatives directly. It provides a legal guarantee for both the customer and company’s safety and reliability.

Besides P-to-C concept gives a great chance to reduce costs and build trusting partnerships with each customer, since the current chain consists of two links, interacting directly with each other.

Each party may be sure of their own interests security and funds safety due to all the required documents and licenses, as well as a formal agreement between the company and the customer.

  • The parent company is oriented on the end customer
  • The customer buys company’s shares, which satisfy his individual needs
  • The customer may not be the expert in a certain field but he will definitely be sure in reliability due to our experts’ professional team. 

  • The interaction process cycle is rather short
  • The relatively low shares importance for an individual buyer, but it’s worth mentioning the scale effect has a large impact due to massive sales

So, to conclude, we may definitely say that «People to Company» business model is one of the breakthrough concepts, which provided Watford LLC and, accordingly, its subsidiaries, with both a reliable future and sustainable development as well.



Sustainable development of the world’s communities primarily involves an absence of the energy crisis. This is possible, if all countries have access to energy resources. But, what if the traditional energy resources have already been divided up? In such a case it’s required to look for other opportunities. Such opportunities are renewable energy sources and primarily solar energy and wind energy. Nmwenergy was chosen as the main business line. Sales, installation, consultation as well as its own projects and developments have contributed to Nmwenergy becoming one of the leaders in the modern alternative energy market.

Highly-experienced managers and effective management, as well as competent and high-quality staff selection are the most important areas of the company.

Nmwenergy must protect its own interests, as well as those of its shareholders and investors, like any large company operating worldwide. That’s why all the company’s assets are protected by the Prudential Financial Company and all operations and transactions are carefully monitored and tracked. Besides all the company’s patents and developments are insured, and their reliability and stability are guaranteed even in the case of any force majeure.

Nmwenergy is always striving to provide advanced technology, innovative products, professional service and professional management. These core competencies have contributed to Nmwenergy becoming a leading innovator in the wind and solar cell industry worldwide.

You may learn more about the company’s activities by visiting website



Goldminebmd has been successfully operating since 2012, maintaining the largest gold mining company status in the world and ensuring stability, growth and development worldwide.

Currently, the company operates with the 5 largest mining deposits. It uses the latest advanced equipment and the most advanced ore mining and processing methods.

 All the company’s staff go through rigorous selection, and have all of the required certificates to meet all standards. All employees are required to confirm their own qualifications as well as the right to work every six months.

There is further scope for expansion of the business in creating new production companies, by equipping them with advanced technologies and implementing investment projects, due to cooperation with various countries where our fields are being actively developed. This will provide the volume increase in gold ore extraction and processing.

Gold mining and production volumes have increased quickly and reached record levels due to modernization and equipping with new technologies.

You may learn more about the company’s activities by visiting website.



Currently the garbage recycling issue is globally important, and is one of the most important issues for the planet. Constant environmental pollution, through the release of various waste products, has had a very negative impact on the population’s life quality and worsens the state of the environment overall.

EDV-Recycling operates in the most problematic regions worldwide, including India and Haiti. The environmental situation in those countries is extremely unstable, pollution occurs everywhere, huge amounts of garbage and waste poison the life of entire cities, and therefore, this issue is extremely important there. The corporation’s efforts have contributed to garbage being both collected and recycled for further use. The company encourages the local population to resolve the current issues, thereby providing additional jobs.

EDV-Recycling actively both uses and collaborates with the PlasticBank project. Together they are carrying out a revolution, while being innovators in the waste recycling field.

The company also meets with the World Ocean issue, of course. The ocean is one of the most polluted areas of our planet, thousands of tons of garbage are disposed there annually. It is quite hard to deal with this issue, since garbage collection in the ocean requires large resources. But EDV-Recycling has found a way to resolve it and has developed its own automated plants engaged in waste collection from the oceans.

You may learn more about the company’s activities by visiting website



Marijuana-diet was founded as a start-up in the pharmacology and cosmetology field. After long and diligent research into the properties of cannabis, the company's specialists came to the conclusion that cannabis’ useful properties and composition can positively affect human health.

 The company grows cannabis in eastern Canada, where it has a special farm and production facility with the best conditions to produce a high-quality product. The company’s main office is also located in Quebec province in order to carefully monitor the manufacturing process.

Marijuana-diet's products meet the special needs of key consumer markets, while a profitable business opportunity has been developed, which stimulates the ideal lifestyle for modern people.

Body care creams, vitamin capsules, care and hygiene products are designed to assist with a healthy lifestyle and high-quality body care. All the products are based on an environmentally friendly and health-friendly concentrate, obtained from cannabis grown under the strictest conditions.

Marijuana-diet company’s executives have strived to create an unprecedented company, serving the needs of individuals. That’s why the current approach is to be a driving force, which actively develops all that the company is, and will be, engaged in. Marijuana-diet has selected only reliable and trusted distributors, who sell the company's products worldwide, while using well-built processes for the marketing and distribution of our products.

You may learn more about the company’s activities by visiting website


Prudential financial

It’s quite hard to trust a company within the current investment market instability conditions, since avoiding the losing financial investments risk is a very laborious and complicated task. However, it needs vital protection and insurance, since Watford LLC is the companies group, which has got a huge financial turnover. That’s why all the company’s assets and operations are protected by «Prudential financial» insurance company, which ensures the company’s safe operation and functioning even in the event of force majeure.

Highly qualified «Prudential financial» specialists contributes to all transactions, including currency, to be constantly monitored. Besides they provide carefully risks monitoring and analysis in the modern market, which makes it possible to anticipate economic threats and risks, therefore to avoid them, due to effective protection system and the highest security level.

Watford LLC, its subsidiaries, as well as their customers, can be calm and confident in the future due to the clearly defined rules for insured events.

Watford LLC is a vivid example of the way to improve the world due to great work and perseverance. Let this world become better right now.



It’s quite simple to become a shareholder of the company. This requires choosing one or more Watford LLC subsidiaries, the number of shares you are going to buy, as well as signing an agreement. The share purchase prerequisite is the ability to buy them in packages, consisting of 10 pieces. I.e. you can’t buy 1 or 2 shares. So, it’s only possible to buy a package of 10 shares. Below there is a detailed table, providing the cost of 1 share, its weekly dividends, as well as the total share numbers, both issued and available for sale.

So, each company’s dividends are very significant, and create significant benefits when purchasing shares.

All the aspects mentioned above guarantee both high reliability and stable profitability within the partnership conditions of the company, positively effecting the demand dynamics and the company’s popularity.

You are entitled to become a shareholder right now and together we will change life for the better, both improving our financial state as well as investing in socially significant business sectors, thereby creating a better future!



It’s necessary to give a little background data for those who wish to become our company’s partner and join our team.

As was mentioned above, there is a chance to buy shares, in packages of 10 pieces, for each company. The most important thing is that the number of packages is unlimited, so you may buy the number of required shares packages in each company.

The difference between ordinary and premium shares is one of the key points. Ordinary shares are bought by electronic currency in any quantity and their sale is available after the agreed period - not earlier than 1 year after purchase.

Premium shares are purchased when using the company's internal bonuses, in the ratio of 1 premium share = 2,500 bonuses + 5 dollars.

The bonus accumulating system and your own building of a joint stock company will be discussed in the next chapter.

The advantage of premium shares is that they are available for sale within a month after their acquisition, taking into account all the dividends accumulated during this time.

One of the other most important points are the shareholders’ voting rights. Those who own one or more percent of shares in any of the four companies, becomes a board member, who has the chance to attend all meetings and events, while being able to buy shares via bank transfer from one account to another.

As you can see, cooperation with Watford holding is a mutually beneficial process, involving a lot of privileges and bonuses. That’s why the shareholders have created comfortable and reliable financial well-being conditions themselves.



Active participation in the growth of the company, as well as recruiting new investors and shareholders, brings rewards and a personal level system in the company, as demonstrated in the following table:

Let’s explain the data, provided in table 3. As we can see, it is required that either personally, or using your joint-stock company, you possess the required numbers of share packages number of any company in order to achieve a certain level and get a reward.

 Example: either you personally or your joint-stock company, must have 50 shares packages in any of four companies in order to reach the first level. And so on for each level.

 The client gets a Megabonus, i.e. a chance to choose between the company’s internal bonuses, or real money, upon reaching the 5th or higher level. However, starting from level 5, either you personally or your joint-stock company are required to possess share package numbers of EACH company

Be sure to clarify the key point: only those packages, purchased by you personally are fully counted. The following crediting system applies, if the packages are purchased by your shareholders:

Let's look through 10 shares purchase example (1 package)

Let’s clarify the data in more detail to simplify it.

 You personally buy 10 shares (1 package) of Nmwenergy company, given that one share costs $4.9, the purchase amount is $49. In this case, all 10 shares are fully used in the turnover, and are counted in full, in order to reach a certain level and obtain remuneration.

 However, if you have not personally bought any shares, and your 1st level shareholder bought the same 1 package of 10 shares, then your turnover, consisting of 5 shares, not the 10, is counted, according to table 4.

Thus, your 1st level shareholder must make an investment of $4,900 (equal to 100 shares packages) in order to reach the 1st level and remuneration without using any personal funds. Then 50 packages will be credited to your turnover.

In other words, you may get a level and rewards, as shown in table 4, due to the shareholders’ funds you’ve previously recruited.