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Protect Their Health, and Maintain Their Wealth!

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Never Give Up On Your DREAMS!

Welcome to Creative Logic LLC! Built For The Open Minded Entreprenuer! 

Hi, my name is Jerimiah Gunn the Manager of Creative Logic LLC. The journey started over 20 years ago in the pursuit to helping people accomplish their financial goals through offering Financial products and services. After 14 years in the Financial Industry I decided to pursue my dream life helping others while having fun. Thanks to the internet and the vast abundance of opportunity available, I envision liked minded people enjoying life to its fullest!

The transition has not been an easy one, it took money, time, dedication, education, research, wins, loss, commitment, strong desire, and experience to get where I am today. In the journey is where We found the Diamond!

The World is connected and or connecting much easier now! The internet has made the requirement for an individual, to know and have an online knowledge, self worth, money management, and a plan with a definite of purpose, to reach the success you are searching for.

Creative Logic LLC was born to provide a simple way for the average person to create wealth, protect their health and protect their wealth saving time, money, and unwanted mistakes. We believe a person time and money is valuable, and because of their money, it should earn them something while they learn to manage their lifestyle. We believe the education and knowledge (self-development) of how to improve one's self, is one of the foundation tools that's needed to maintain your self growth and self worth. Creative Logic also believe you can't have true wealth without good health. We at Creative Logic will be providing some basic principals on how to create wealth, protect your health, and protect your wealth.

Creative Logic LLC has found a solution for the average person to accumulate wealth, and maintain that wealth. Through the many years of experience, we are here to extend that knowledge to you. We have researched and choose to work with some great programs/platforms and companies that will assist you in your path to an Healthy and Wealthier you. We have structured the programs to take you from zero to wealth in a two to three year period of time, if the course is kept. We have many more tools to help you protect yourself while on the road map to success.

We the people can work together and accomplish any level of success! Feel free to look around the website and contact us with any questions. Thank you for visiting and looking forward to Your Success!

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Follow The Road Map To Financial Freedom

Step 1: Register and Fund all the below Programs starting from Income #1

Passive Income #1 BITLE$

(Crypto Trading Bot & Decentrailized Exchange)

Passive Income #2 CMMT

(Physical Business)

Passive Income #3 Atton Bank


Passive Income #4 Watford

Physical Business

Passive Income #5 Mind Capital

(Arbitrage Trading)

Passive Income #6 MTI

(Forex Trading)

Passive Income #7 Paraiba 

Forex Trading

Passive Income #8 Minerva


Passive Income #9 Kangot

(Travel & Trading)

Passive Income #10 CashFX

Currently Not In The USA

(Forex Trading)

Passive Income #11 N.E.E.W


Step 2: Buy Crypto Using Your Debit/Credit Card




Step 3: Register for 1 or All the Ways to Spend Your Crypto!

CLICK HERE To See Various Ways

To Spend Your Crypto

Step 4: Wealth without Good Health is working backwards! Be sure to have your Healthy lifestyle in order!

Health Company #1 Limbic Arc

Step 5: Self Education is what will give you confidence and structure to keep you on the Path of Success!

Self Help & Motivation

Step 6: If you decide to share, be sure to get these tools to make the process as easy as it can be!

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Attention! Attention! Attention!

Everything in life has risk, as to the things that are listed on this website has risk, be sure to do your due diligence and never make a purchase here you can not afford to lose. Contact me if you have any questions!